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FEBRUARY 19, 2002

Banjo-Kazooie Rap

Here-Here-{Music Stop} [Kel's Voice] AW! HERE IT GOES!
So they're {Music Stop} {Screen Begins to flash rapidly} FINALLY!!!!!
Here, performing for you
Soon you'll know the words
And you'll join in too!
Take your hands and feathers
And flap and clap
As we show you how
Rareware Raps!

<Theme [Half]:>


He's the oldest of them all
You want him? WELL...
From Diddy Kong [Racing],
He rings a bell
His Blue Backpack
Can Taxi and hurt
If he gets in
He covers the turf!
He's Larger [Memory]
Deeper [Voice]
And tighter [Pants] too!
Here's the next member
Of the BK Crew!

<Theme [Full]:>

This bird's got power
To beat up you dudes!
She jump real high
To suit the [Atti]'tude
She's quick and smart
With her two legs
She can Glide through the land,
And fire ten eggs!
If you hurt her,
You get hurt, nerd,
With a flip and a flop
She's one cool Bird!

{Repeat Half Theme}


He has no smile
He has a [Shoe]Lace,
This mole has a hidden face!
He can teach moves
When he wants to,
Take those notes
Just from you
Dig Silos
Just like a raccoon
This WEIRD mole
Just loves this tune!

{Repeat Full Theme}


He's Magician again
With Wumba Too
And remember
What he promised to do! {T-Rex Sounds}
He do ma-gic
While on the pad
With his Zap-Stick out
This guy is Rad!
He'll kill Wumba
By this afternoon
But Grunty? Sweet Dreams!
'Cause he hates - you!
HAH! {Not Huh!}

{Repeat Full Theme}


She's here for you
It's the BAD Member
Of the BK Crew
This Girl
It's SOOOOOO Funny
Can make the duo
Laugh to their tummy
Can control HAG-1
With NO ease
Makes being a boss
Seem not a brease
She is real bony
She doesn't rhyme [Anymore]
But this boss
'll give you a time!

<Ep A Louge:>
Come on Stinky,
Take it to the edge!