Moo.     Good Lord! It was right under your nose all along. Yes, my friend, you've unwittingly stumbled across the...


     Congratulations! I think. Just look at this stuff you could have won (note: competition now closed).

Shirty Browser

     Mmm, yes. One Conker's BFD shirt and one Banjo-Tooie shirt, very nice. One each was offered to two winners, and here's the question they had to answer (yes, it's sort of relevant - Gregg reminds me of him):

h series of books features a character called the Death of Rats?

     And the answer, of course, was Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

     Winners: Adam Donell picked out the Conker shirt for submitting the first correct entry, and Richard Morrison earned the Banjo one for storming in with his answer the very next day.

     Look for a new competition and new prizes after this one's had an opportunity to 'go public' in the next Scribes...