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MAY 20, 2002

"Rare Accessories"
By Joseph Thron
(Sung to the tune of "Bare Necessities")

Oh the, Rare accessories,
More SFA pics, puh-lease,
PS2's in trouble, and the like
I mean the, Rare accessories,
The Big N's got a necessity,
Those stinky little X-Boxes ignite

Whenever you're jammin', on the Cube,
Don't forget about, Rare too!
Employees are workin' night and day,
So that we get to play!
And looking around at dinos and plants,
And take a glance, at their fancy stance,
Don't try em' at home, OOOOOOOO!
RARE INCESSANTLY, will work on just for you!
Yea, just for you. Yea just for you. YEA JUST FOR YOU!