Okay - so who's to blame for the poor Jimmy Saville impression? Now there's the way to confuse a million Americans....
Robert Iveson

And they'll never even know what you're referring to. Superb.

Is Vela pronounced, "Vaala" "Vala" "Veela" or "Vela?" (I swear everytime my friends mention her they say it differently.)

It's pronounced 'Vayla'. What spanner said it should be 'Vaala'?

at the back of edge magazine there pictures of inside your HQ and one of the pictures is a place with loads of chairs, is this place full at any time of the day. If not I'll sit there and you can talk to me if your stuck
stuart dobbs

Do you mind if we just put that one on the back burner for now?

I had a dream I came to the Rareware headquarters and it was a big amusement park. But I could only go so far into it as there was a guy that looked like Jaws from the James Bond movies and a giant dog that would get me if I went too far.

He looks more like Blofeld, but apart from that you're spot on.

For Papua New Guinea, James?

I'm more of a Tristan da Cunha man, myself.

Unbelievable... I never thought you'd use a Red Dwarf quote like Kryten's "A small off-duty Czechoslovakian traffic warden" in an ALT tag...
Nicholas Killewald

Did it spin your nipple nuts, sir? Did it?

Hello, I am POOKY P.J. I Love Rare games, I love Ken Lobb, I call him Klobbie. Do you have naughty, philthy pictures of him...
Pooky P.J.

I'm going to pretend this never happened.

In her KI character profile, why does Orchid walk around and then say, "Mmmm"? Orchid saying "Mmmm" is very suggestive. Or is she saying "Mmmm" to Eyedol, the big 'n' hairy, two-headed muscley luv machine?
Mike "Skinnie Kong" Pelensky

I'm going to pretend this never happened as well.

My name is Garry Haywood. Right now I am wearing tight leather pants.
Garry Haywood

I wish I could pretend this never happened, but that's twice now.

If Banjo-Tooie takes any longer than another six months I'm going to send you an email full of swear words. Then I'll cry.
Tony Clough

Emotional blackmail, eh? Is there nothing you people won't do?

To whom this may concern,

...and that was the entire letter. Fantastic.

What did the characters from Jet Force Gemini look like before you made them look older?
C.J., the great videogame expert, Stewart

Do you really, really want an answer to that?

Hey! Your name is an anagram of "hail glove dye!" You fiend.
Aaron Goodier

That's nothing compared to 'Gay Video Hell'.

You OBVIOUSLY stole your Snippets format from nintendorks.com's DRC's! You plagiarists! Don't make me call my friends in the White House and have your shiny new office/barn nuked to hell.
Michael James Fagan

No, I stole it from Your Sinclair's Small Print column. Ah! Ah!

Isn't it amazing that there is an invisible world all around us? I am speaking, of course, of the Invisible World of Scary Skeletons.

You AOL people are really frightening me now.

I think that the puchment of perfect dark is the most stupid thing in world history. I think that with this Email you change the desicion of the puchment of PD.

Puch off.

You know, Margaret, I often find that the best things in life have multiple handles for easy grabability. It's like the tale of the donkey and the rabid but cordial ferret.

Why does this always happen just as I'm about to leave?

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