April 20, 2000

WHY No All Bonds Cheat. Why did you take that out?? It was a good idea. I wanted to play as Roger Moore so bad.
Anthony Macedonio

Rare Says: You've got your finger on the pulse, haven't you?

Dear houm it my comsoum, in 007 how can you beet the cratel in secret agent and 00agent?
Bob Parent

Rare Says: You can't, if you use your controller like you use your keyboard.

I am too 'young' to appreciate the Jimmy Saville gag fully, but congrats on the Ali G disco-bar impression - big up the Exoskeleton Massive indeed...
-Martin Badowsky

Rare Says: Obviously we inspired him rather than vice versa.

It frightens me that nobody seems to call each other "gonk" any more. I see Tusk is at ease with "Spanner", which is obviously heartening. My recollection is that a gonk is something you shove on the end of a pencil, but I'll happily be wrong.
Njoinit (Not at all a bit of a Gideon)

Rare Says: You see, it was never really offensive enough to catch on...

I like Mr. Pants. He makes me laugh. He tied me up. He killed my hamster. He cooked my hamster in vegetable oil. He made me EAT my hamster. Sweet God in heaven WHY?!!!!

Rare Says: Because he's a vicious booze-addled murderer, apparently.

Could you give some sort of confirmation of the release date to Al Gore's new book, which is the sequel to Earth In The Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit? Thanks.
Cornelius, the Corn Flakes rooster

Rare Says: Oh, you know what we're like with release dates.

Carrington looks like Uncle Tobias from Ch5's Sunset Beach, Joanna Dark looks like that bird (Emily Newton-Dunn) off of Bits the games show {a little} and ALL the bad guys seem to be wearing cravats? What's all that about then?

Rare Says: It's about some mental dream you've just had, by the sound of it.

Please refrain from delaying any more games. You should be like Squaresoft and put a staff of 100 people on each game. Thank you.
Ducson Nguyen

Rare Says: Great idea. We'd manage at least one game every three years.

Are the Snippets just PARTS of letters, or just extremely short letters?
The Chocolate Pixie

Rare Says: Both. Like this one's part of an otherwise crap letter. Sorry.

I have NBA Jam 2000. Give me codes!!!!!! UUUUUUUUUUH now!!!!!!!!

Rare Says: And this one was an entire letter in itself, believe it or not.

To those Americans who keep asking Rarewhere for a glossary of English terms: Why don't your American web sites define American terms? Not everyone in the world is sodding American.
Adam D

Rare Says: OooOOO! Who rattled your cage, big boy?

I haven't beheld the power of cheese but a while ago at school somone let the whole class behold the power of beans and cheese just seems a bit depressing and weak now.

Rare Says: Cheese is the Devil's work. Long live beans!

Snide's not the only Rare creation that uses drugs! When visiting Mumbo for the first time in the Mad Monster Mansion section of the lair (to raise the water level) and become the pumpkin he says "Pumpkin make Mumbo hungry. Mumbo get pot ready." Mumbo has the MUNCHIES!

Rare Says: No, that'd be "Pot make Mumbo hungry. Mumbo get pumpkin ready."

I think you guys should make a game where a guy runs around in a hat and says "weiner" and "ding-a-ling" all the time.

Rare Says: But we don't have 'weiners'. We have 'cocktail sausages'.

Hi, I was wondering if I could have a BETA copy of Goldeneye 007. If so, can I have Version BETA alpha 1.17?
Andrew Vance

Rare Says: You've even started imagining different versions now?

Did you made Perfect Dark?

Rare Says: We didded, and it taked us ages.

It's about time you stopped holding out on us and just gave us a straight answer: who'd win in a fight between Wrinkly Kong, Martin Short and Cait Sith from FF7?
The Ponderer

Rare Says: Erm, Wrinkly being dead would probably work against her.

Could you please put the Joanna model in an N64 cart and send it to my house? Thanks in advance.

Rare Says: You're dreaming. G'night, Jonnyboy. (!)

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