June 5, 2000

Was Ahkenaten the world's first monotheist? Your thoughts, and possibly commentary from B-K's desert world crew.
Jordan Carver

Rare Says: Nah, I reckon he slept around a bit.

Hmmm... you didn't give any NBA JAM 2000 codes. Why is that?
Professor Erggi Aho

Rare Says: I didn't have any on me and he wanted them UUUUUUUUUUH now!!!!!!!!

Me and Mr. Pants used to be good college buddies! He used to get drunk and break my stuff. He was a bloody arse-licker! He had improper relations with all sorts of livestock. Why don't you make a game based on that?
Ari Teger

Rare Says: What exactly do you think 'arse-licker' means, out of curiosity?

Pika Pikachu Pi, Pika! Pikachu! Pi, pika pika pika pikachu pi! Pikachu, pika pi pi pikachu pika? Pi. Pika pika pika pi, pikachu? Pikachu pi. PI KA CHU!!!!!!!! Pi.

Rare Says: Shut it, rat.

Ok, you're being attacked by vindicated lovers of different Rare games, and you only have one bullet in your revolver. Do you shoot the Goldeneye fanatic, the Jet Force Gemini lover or the Blast Corps zealot?

Rare Says: The GoldenEye fanatic - he's probably demanding a Beta version.

It seems Mr. Pants is on vacation after a successful appearance in Jet Force Gemini. His first destination? Why France of course. And it seems that Mr. Pants is bigger than any of us expected.
Mr. Teeth

Rare Says: Oh my God... you've given him chest hair.

I like buying RARE games but yours are fecking everywhere!!!! oH! hahahahaha a joke, geddit?
Alex Norman

Rare Says: No. I don't get it. Please explain it to me in minute detail.

Hey Rare! Why hasn't Joanna returned my calls...? Hehe, sorry. No, seriously, why?
Marc Spectra (aka Mr Socks)

Rare Says: It was probably the bit about the goat that put her off.

Now, say the word wasp. Turn it into its plural form. Wasps. Isn't that fun to say? Say it now, wasps wasps wasps wasps.
Matt Hartwell

Rare Says: I think you'll find that 'miscreant' is far better...

Could you please fix up Johanna's face on the GBC version of Perfect Dark because at the moment it, quite frankly, looks like a cross between a puddle of vomit and a cat's arse!
Matthew Stephenson

Rare Says: Well, everybody has their off days.

I have a complaint. I believe I have a discovered a glitch in Banjo-Kazooie. The Snippits in Treasure Trove Cove keep coming at me hissing "Snnniiiippppiiiit Offffffff! Snnniiiippppiiiit Offffffff!" Why is this?

Rare Says: Obviously they want to cut off your penis with their big pincers.

Mr Pants, Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong, Eyedol and James Bond all naked on an island bare-knuckle fighting. Only one will come out alive. Sound good to you? I think it should be your next game.

Rare Says: Mr. Pants in any fighting game just doesn't bear thinking about.

Intelligent life may be out there, but it certainly isn't in Scribes.

Rare Says: Just as well you ended up in Snippets then, eh?

I CANNOT BELIEVE that I... along with about 90 percent of every person that is going to play this game am a male, that is going to have to pretend to be a female. I am not gay. I do not wish to be thought of as gay. Portraying a female in a first person shooter, however, is gay.

Rare Says: Call Tripedox back in here! His special friend's arrived.

Here is a drawing what we have done. For you.
Stewlarts Online

Rare Says: I'm so proud I could gratuitously link to you.

Hey, did you know that eating butter and meat at the same time tastes like crap?

Rare Says: Funny, I find crap tastes like buttery meat.

Alright, guys, I'm cool with belching and farting sounds and all that, but midair spin jump barfing noises? Now I really know why he's called Chunky. Maybe he shouldn't be eating all those green bananas.
Zickler, Karl T.

Rare Says: There's an idea - Pukey Kong! Lads, make a note...

I'm not sure if this is a British word but if there is a word you don't understand - refrain to the Brits! What does "SOD OFF" mean?
Odyssey 100

Rare Says: I'll tell you once you've found out what 'refrain' means.

Re: Mr. Tripedox. Actually, having a cracking pair of breasts and shooting people sounds fantastic. I'm sorry, was that out loud?

Rare Says: Don't worry, we're sure that's just how he feels too...

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